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Pennsylvania Coops (near the Maryland Border)

HCR 71 Box 168-B, Hustontown, PA, 17229

Phone: 814-448-2173        Fax: 814-448-2333         Email:

Maryland Coops

  Bethesda Co-op
6500 Seven Locks Road
Cabin John, Maryland 20818
Phone: 301-320-2531

Maryland Food Co-op
B-0203 Student Union Building-Maryland U
College Park, Maryland 20742
Phone: 301-314-8089

Common Market Co-op
5813 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick, Maryland 21704
Phone: 301-663-3416

Greenbelt Consumer Cooperative
121 Centerway
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770
Phone: 301-474-0522

Nature's Exchange Co-op
1548 Perryman Rd.
Havre de Grac, Maryland 21078

Glut Food Co-op
4005 34th St.
Mt. Rainier, Maryland 20712
Phone: 301-779-1978


Takoma Park Silver Spring Cooperative
201 Ethan Allen Aven
Takoma Park, Maryland 20912
Phone: 301-891-2667

Westminster Consumers Coop
28 Westminster Shopping Center
Westminster, Maryland 21157
Phone: 410-848-3200





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Agriculture, Horticulture, and Natural Diversity

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Featured sites

bulletAbundant Life Seed Foundation (Port Townsend, Washington)
Abundant Life is a non-profit organization which preserves plant diversity.
bulletThe Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association hosts an interesting electronic mailing list on biodynamic farming and gardening.
bulletDatabase of 7000 Useful Plants, from Plants for a Future (Cornwall, England) .
One of CSF's long term aims is to encourage the discussion regional plant differences, including locally adapted cultivated varieties. In the meantime, this resource is an excellent place to start.
bulletSustainable Practices for Vegetable Production in the South is a book, available on-line in full, by Dr. Mary Peet of North Carolina State University.
bulletEcology Action has a description of the "biointensive" food-raising method. They are well known for John Jeavons' How to Grow More Vegetables..., currently in its fifth edition. The book has a bibliography which far exceeds the scope of the web pages listed here, for people seeking to learn more about sustainable growing.
bulletFlora Communications hosts electronic mailing lists on community forestry and environmental arts. (Baltimore, Maryland)
bulletCity Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes covers initiatives to promote food security and urban efforts (like community gardening) around the world.
bulletGardenWeb maintains a large number of on-line garden forums, which work like UseNet news groups. Some are in French, while others are specific to gardening in the south Pacific, for example.
bullet"A Modern Herbal" by Mrs. M. Grieve (1931) lists medicinal and other uses of over 800 plant varieties.
bulletThe Future is Abundant (1982) is a resource guide for sustainable growing in the Pacific northwest.
bulletUSDA Hardiness Zones color map of the U.S.

Articles, Reviews, and Bibliographies

bulletInsect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants
bulletArid Region Farming Primer [ECHO]
bullet"Ancient Hawaii: A Model of Sustainable Agriculture, by Robert H. Faust.
bulletContainer Farming: Organic Food Production in Slums of Mexico City, by Rodrigo A. Medellín Erdmann. [1/98]
(Table of Contents for this issue of GATE)
bullet"A Matter of Survival: How Agricultural Biodiversity can be Maintained" by Nelson Alvarez
bulletIssue no. 1, 2, 3 or 4 of Craig Dremann's "Native Grass Gossip"
bullet"Seeds of the Future" by Christina Waters.
bulletVegetable Bytes, a Vegetable and Row Crop Newsletter (Sutter and Yuba counties, California)
bullet"The Gospel According to Wes Jackson"
bullet"Rural Philosophy for Education: Wendell Berry's Tradition," by Paul Theobald
bulletGreen & Growing Environmental Education Project has published From the Ground up, a teachers' guide to agriculture, food, and sustainable development.
bullet"An Outlaw Grain Comes Back" (Amaranth) by Diane Sussman
bullet"Solving the Slurry Problem" by John Seymour
bulletCover Crop Biology: A Minireview, part 1. by Robert L. Bugg
bullet"Farm as Form: Wendell Berry's Sabbaths" by Jeffery Alan Triggs
bulletThe Excrement Poem, by Maxine Kumin
bullet"Three Agricultural Fallacies" by Wendell Berry
bullet"Sustainable Farming Systems in Colombia"
bulletBiomass Fuel from Woody Crops for Electric Power Generation by Robert D. Perlack, et al.
bulletChoix des espèces adaptées au milieu urbain
bullet"Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin A Content of Edible Wild Plants of Ohio and Kentucky" by Thomas M. Zennie and C. Dwayne Ogzewalla
bulletEconomic Botany (Edible, Herbal, Medicinal and Useful Plants; Ethnobotany) [a bibliography]
bulletThe Practical Farmer: Quarterly Newsletter of Practical Farmers of Iowa [Use your mail address as the password.]
bulletSustainable Agriculture and Permaculture bibliography
bulletSUSAG Abstracts

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

bulletSeeking Common Ground CSA (Rochester, New York)
bulletCommunity Supported Agriculture Page, UMass includes a detailed discussion of the principles of CSA.
bulletCatalpa Ridge Farm (Sussex County, New Jersey)
bulletPrairieland Community Supported Agriculture
bulletCommunity Supported Agriculture (Michigan)
bulletCommunity Supported Agriculture (Sproutwood Farm, Pennsylvania)

Organic Growing

bullet1000 Ways to Sustainable Farming [9/98]
bulletTroy Bogdan's Pure Earth Organic Farm includes a web ring of organic sites. [2/98]
bulletOrganic Farmers Marketing Association [1/98]
bulletOrganic Gardening by Samantha [1/98]
bulletSouthern Oregon Organics on Genetic Integrity
bulletNortheast Organic Farming Association of Vermont
bulletTom Clothier's Garden Walk and Talk
bulletSeattle Tilth Association
bulletMichigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance
bulletMidwest Organic Alliance
bullet"Organic Gardening Techniques" by R. Rothenberger and K. Hildahl
bulletOrganic Gardening -- Natural Insecticides
bulletThe MidNet Organic Pages
bulletThe Claymont Agricultural Project
bulletOrganic 2000 -- connecting consumers and organic growers in England

Wild ideas (wild, native, and perennial plants)

bulletEdible Landscaping Database by Ben Sharvy
bulletEasy Edible Landscaping (Organic Gardening Tip #81)
bulletEden Foundation (promotes edible perennials)
bulletAgridiversity: Fully Edible Open-Pollinated Pastures for People
bulletAscorbic Acid and Vitamin A Content of Edible Wild Plants of Ohio and Kentucky
bulletWes Stone's "Forager Home Page"
bulletPlant notes from "The Survival Bible"
bulletWeeds of the Southern United States
bulletPacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening

Education and Research

bulletNorthern Prairie Wildlife Research Center [1/98]
bulletAustralian Correspondence Schools' horticulture directory.
bulletCenter for Integrated Agricultural Systems (Madison, Wisconsin)
bulletMinnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
bulletHenry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture
bulletSRISTI Projects include herbal insecticides, ecological indicators, and organic certification.
bulletNature Farming International Research and Development Center
bulletSymposium on Sustainable Cropping (Abstracts of presentations)
bulletDryland Cropping Systems at Washington State University.
bulletLeopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
bulletThe Mulch-Based Agriculture Group at Cornell University hosts the Mulch-L electronic mailing list. They also offer a searchable bibliography


bulletMaine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association [9/98]
bulletMichael Fields Agricultural Institute [9/98]
bulletAmerican Community Gardening Association [9/98]
bulletGardeners of the Golden Horseshoe [9/98]
bulletWinrock International [2/98]
bulletThe Evergreen Trust [2/98]
bulletUnited Plant Savers
bulletInstitute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) focuses on NAFTA and other trade agreements, indigenous property rights, and related issues. They also publish the Trade News and NAFTA and Inter-American Trade Monitor newsletters.
bulletAppropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA)
bulletNational Agricultural Library AFSIC web page.
AFSIC is Alternative Farming Systems Information Center. They have published bibliographies related to a wide variety of agricultural topics, including lists of periodicals and books in print.
bulletRed Interamericana de Agricultura y Democracia
bulletInternational Center for Tropical Agriculture

Clearinghouses, directories, and databases

bulletHavi Hoffman's Vegetable Gardening Directory
bulletAgrisurf, a searchable compendium of agricultural info.
bulletNot Just Cows
(Bill Drew's guide to agriculture on the Internet)
bulletEnvirolink sustainable agriculture library
lists back issues of over two dozen periodicals related to plants, food, and agriculture.
bulletAgriculture Education links
bulletInternet Directory for Botany
bulletRoot Propagation database search (U.C. Davis)
bulletLawrence London's Guide at Sunsite
bulletEthnobotany Resources on the Internet
bulletNewCROP (includes a database of crop plants)
bulletA Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas
bulletFlorida Agricultural Information Retrieval System
bulletThe National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS)
bulletNational Wetlands Inventory, Ecology Section is a list of plant species available in wetlands.

Specific species

bulletCanoe Plants of Ancient Hawaii [1/98]
bulletNonsense Botany 1877 [1/98]
bulletTraditional Native American Tobacco Seed Bank
bulletEcological Herbalism - Replanting the Fields We Love
bulletAssociations of People Interested in Herbs
bulletMedicinal Herb FAQ
bulletFireGirl's Chile Pepper Wonderland
bulletDave Fischer's North American "Mushroom Basics"
bulletWild Triga Intermediate Wheatgrass, a perennial grain.
bulletRapeseed and Canola
bulletKenaf Fact Sheet
bulletSustainable Trees and Shrubs for Southern New England
bulletMultipurpose and Fruit Trees Commonly Used in Agroforestry
bulletArbres fixateurs d'azote (Nitrogen-fixing trees)
bulletRatville's Renewable Resources, featuring hemp
bulletVetiver Network Front page


bulletSAREP's list of sustainable agriculture events.

Sustainable Agriculture

bulletSustainable Farming Connection


bulletBiodynamic Agriculture is a brief introduction to biodynamics with contacts for further details.
bulletThe Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
bulletCommon Name Index, Elk Mountain Nursery
bulletXeriscape Gardening and Deer Resistant Plants in Austin
bulletBeyond flora describes native flora of the French Riviera.
bulletPlantas Medicinais
bulletIdaho Falls Community Garden
bulletLe jardin cybernatique
bulletExpériences de compostage
bulletThe Marie Selby Botanical Gardens WWW Service
bulletHorticulture Guide (Nebraska Extension Service)
bulletLand Stewardship Project Home Page
bulletNewsletters Links (Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture)
bulletWhich Weed? (Weed control in northern Tasmania)
bulletPractical pollination tips from Dave and Janice Green
bulletWenatchee Washington Native Plant Society
bulletNative Plant Society of Oregon
bullet"Intelligent Irrigation"
bulletArizona Native Plant Society
bulletNational Wildflower Research Center
bulletAlternative Agriculture News, 1996
bulletButterfly Gardening
bulletGlobal Entomology/Agriculture Research Server (Bees and Pollination)
bulletDebra Teachout-Teashon's Gallery and Garden Notes
bulletOhio State University Extension's Cyber-Farm
bulletUSDA's Biotechnology Permits page
bulletThe Agrarian Society and The Agrarian Steward Newsletter
bulletNational Academy Press agriculture reading room (requires frames) includes on-line versions of Lost Crops of the Incas and Lost Crops of Africa, volume 1.
bullet"Europe Ignores Subsistence Agriculture, Experts Say" by Gamini Seneviratne
bullet"Crop Leases, An Overview" (Illinois Cooperative Extension)
bullet"Corn and the Environment" (Ontario Corn Producers' Assn.)
bulletThe Compost Resource Page
bulletThe Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
bulletNorth American Rock Garden Society
bulletNative Gardening Program by the Mennonite Central Committee
bulletSustainable Ag.: Case Study at Prairie Dock farm
bulletPropagation of Cyclamen
bulletChez Marco's Plant Pictures
bulletHarvesting the Internet for gardening information

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